Semper Fi Financial Services LLC is comprised of Business Professionals whose

focus and drive is to always bring the most innovative, effective and efficient products to

ALL of our clients, while ALWAYS being ethical and moral in ensuring;

Our Clients Best Interest ALWAYS Comes FIRST!

Our diverse group of Professionals with years of experience, expands into different areas within the Financial Services Industry in Corporate America and/or International Business. They bring the value of their knowledge, experience, resources and network so that we can help as many people with their financial needs, and possible career opportunities; helping individuals, families and businesses alike.

We all work as One Team. Your Team!


Eugene Oliva
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Post-9/11 Service Disabled Combat Veteran
Founder | Owner | CEO
Donald "Doc" Ballard
U.S. Navy & Army Veteran
Medal of Honor Recipient

Senior Advisor | Business Partner
Daniel Richter
Chief Financial Officer
Business Partner & Advisor
Daisy Huezo
Co-Founder| Business Partner
@ Semper Fi Financial Services
& Director 
| Jr Broker 
@ PHP Agency
Noel Thoman
Co-Founder | Business Partner
John Escalante
U.S. Marine Corps Reserves
Master Gunnery Sergeant

Senior Business Partner
Paul Medrano
Senior Business Mentor
@ Semper Fi Financial Services
& Co-Founder Co-Owner
PHP Agency