22 is the approximate (it fluctuates by a few daily) number of VETERANS that DIE DAILY DUE TO SUICIDE.

We need to do a much better job at putting together adequate resources to put a consistent dent

in that number, until ultimately erasing it completely. Because even 1 is too much!

Semper Fi Financial Services LLC, in Partnership with Stars & Stripes Associates LLC and Florida Boat LLC, and collaboration of other Community Partners is honored to present “22 CAMPAIGN”. Via "22 Campaign" we are pledging 22% of the Net-Profit Commissions made from

we make to STOP SOLDIER SUICIDE, as well as an additional 8% to Veteran & Non-Veteran 501c3’s that become Community Partners of “22 CAMPAIGN”. For Profit Businesses & Individuals are also able to become Community Partners and help us on this Mission, as well as they’ll also earn income.

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Semper Fi Financial Services, LLC
Services Disabled Veteran Owned Business

Semper Fi Financial Services LLC was Founded with the Mission & Vision of Giving Back & Paying It Forward.

We not only help people (families and individuals) as well as businesses (employer and employees),

but we also focus on giving back to Our Communities by providing volunteer work hours, pro-bono services,

funds and/or donating items for fundraisers.​ Portions of the profits we make go towards our


Because at the end of it all, it's not about us, but about making an actual long term difference that truly matters!