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Semper Fi Financial Services LLC operates through all of the United States & Puerto Rico. The Licenses below are just those directly (Resident & Non-Resident) held by our Founder & CEO (Licensed Broker).

States not listed our other Business Partners have Licenses in.
We operate out of 49 States (Montana is Pending) and Puerto Rico.

Florida HQ Resident State W641299
Alabama Non-Resident State 3001710766
Arkansas Non-Resident State 19664613
California Non-Resident State 4124671
Georgia Non-Resident State 3427396
Idaho Non-Resident State 891273
Non-Resident State 19664613
Indiana Non-Resident State 3641006
Kentucky Non-Resident State 1123356
Michigan Non-Resident State 1100829
Missouri Non-Resident State 3001249431
Mississippi Non-Resident State 10765955
North Carolina Non-Resident State 19664613
New York Non-Resident State LA-1654472
Oregon Non-Resident State 19664613
Pennsylvania Non-Resident State 1015122
Rhode Island Non-Resident State 3002027676
South Carolina Non-Resident State 19664613
Tennessee Non-Resident State 3001563163
Texas Non-Resident State 2641989
Utah Non-Resident State 854534
Virginia Non-Resident State 1273868
Washington Non-Resident State 1134088
Wisconsin Non-Resident State 19664613

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