About Us

Semper Fi Financial Services LLC is comprised of Business Professionals whose

focus and drive is to always bring the most innovative, effective and efficient products to

ALL of our clients, while ALWAYS being ethical and moral in ensuring;

Our Clients Best Interest ALWAYS Comes FIRST!

Our diverse group of Professionals with years of experience, expands into different areas within the Financial Services Industry in Corporate America and/or International Business. They bring the value of their knowledge, experience, resources and network so that we can help as many people with their financial needs, and possible career opportunities; helping individuals, families and businesses alike.

We all work as One Team. Your Team!

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MWD Patch
Rambo & Thumper
Chair Dog & Chair Rabbit of the Board

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Co-Chair Dog of the Board

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Eugene Oliva Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Post-9/11 United States Marine Corps Service Disabled Combat Veteran who Served on Active Duty from April 2000 until August 2008. Upon being Honorably Discharged (Sergeant), he took a position as a GS-13 Contractor for the Department of Defense (DoD) via the United States Army in South West Asia/Middle East. Combined with Active Duty and as a DoD Contractor (left as a GS-14), he spend nearly a decade Overseas in the South West Asia/Middle East region, returning Stateside in July 2011.

Afterwards he became a Business Analyst at the New York Stock Exchange in IT Development & Listings-Market Oversight, then taking the position of Operations Manager for a start-up in the black car/private chauffeur industry called Capstar USA Inc, and then became the Chief Development Officer for a Veterans Rideshare Inc (Veteran Owned Transportation Company). He then launched Stars & Stripes Associates LLC (full service digital and print marketing agency ) in 2018, which he also owns and is currently the Founder & CEO of. Due to his passion for financial literacy and seeing how many Americans struggle living paycheck to paycheck, he launched Semper Fi Financial Services LLC in  2020, after having become an Independent Licensed Life & Annuities Insurance Agent via the Broker Agency Platform called PHP Agency, Inc in 2019. He now has Independent Agents servicing clients across the United States and Puerto Rico, remotely working from home (if they choose to) or from one of the approximately 160 offices of PHP Agency, Inc.

He has an Associates Degree in General Studies from American Military University, a Bachelor's of Science in Public Safety & Emergency Management from Grand Canyon University (Honor Graduate: Cum Laude), an MBA in International Business & Human Resources from DeVry University Keller Graduate School of Management, an Executive Entrepreneurship Certification from New York University and attended PreLaw (Pipeline to Justice) at CUNY School of Law.

Eugene continues to grow his network and credentials for Licensing and Appointments in well known Insurance Carriers within the PHP Agency, Inc platform in order to better serve all of the clients of Semper Fi Financial Services LLC, and those of the Independent Agents that are part of Our Team!

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U.S. Army Colonel, Retired
Donald "Doc" Ballard
U.S. Navy FMF Corpsman &
U.S. Army Veteran
Medal of Honor Recipient
Business Partner & Senior Advisor
Noel Thoman

Senior Business Partner
& Executive Advisor
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MSGySgt John Escalante
U.S. Marine Corps Reserves
Master Gunnery Sergeant/E9

Business Partner & Advisor +
Senior Community Partner
Paul Medrano

@ PHP Agency, Inc.

Senior Business Mentor
Daisy Huezo
Director/Jr Broker

@ PHP Agency, Inc.

Business Strategist Mentor
Howard Gordon Levy
Entrepreneur & Investor

Executive Community Partner & Advisor + Military Advocate
Maureen Monreale
Entrepreneur & Investor

Executive Community Partner & Advisor + Military Advocate

Business Partners & Advisors
Independent Agents & Financial Strategist

In Alphabetical Order by First Name

Adrys Rosario
Cecilia Maldonado
Jimmy West

Noelia Betancourt

Nydia Burgos
Sheila & Christian Reyes
Vanessa Garcia

Independent Agents & Financial Strategist

In Alphabetical Order by First Name (List Last Updated on 2021SEP28)

Adam Phillips
Adriana Smith
Angelica Fernandez Gutierrez
Angely Urena
Antonielle Jaggar
Aija Jarwang
Alexis Fallon
Alyssa Camardo
Amanda Touchton
Amelia Lissette Torres
Andrea Zalamea
Andrew Choi
Andrew Manuel Correa
Angela Tribou
Arturo Zuniga
Avery King
Brittany Hayes
Brandy Casey
Brian Jacobs
Brittenee Johnson
Brooke Dixon
Bryce Thompson
Cadeysa Andujar Jimenez
Celeste Matute
Charles Reeder
Christian Madigan
Christopher Cabrera
Cristina Martinez
Curtis Harris
Daisy Jimenez Perdomo
Daniel Richter
Danilo Cruz
Dave Johnson
Dionetter Kalkhofer
Dominic Testa
Dylan Burns
Eimoni Bowers
Earline West
Edgar Palomo
Eliane Colon
Elizabeth Foster
Erika Priest
Ernest Gilbert Velez
Estefany De Leon
Frank Kao
Feldini Augustin
Francisco Isaac
Franciszek Manteau
Frank Carlton Wolf Jr
Gabriel Brown
Ingrid Martinez
Johnelle Frazier
Jada Burgos
James Ashley
Jeannette Tapia
Jennifer McDeid
Jennifer Ponterio
Jessica Esparza
Jonathan Van Dyke
Jonathan Rivera
Joseph Lemieux
Kristina Rugh
Kathy Martinez
Kaylee Grosjean
Keishla Betancourt
Kenneth Reynolds
Kepler Alce
Kimberly Scott
Kymberly Washington
Lynette Beavers
Leslie Lawler
Lisa Maynard
Lucia Vicharra
Luis Matute
Mar Yanto
Marc Calo
Marina Caruso
Mario Ramos
Mario Eric Pla
Marvin Wilson
Melissa Miller
Michael Burgos
Michelle Foster
Miracle White
Naile Telic
Norian Lawson
Olivia Patino
Olivia Ferrer
Oscar Pretalia
Pamela Suero
Patrick Van Dyke
Pearl Emilie Gomes
RMard James Nathaniel Harrison
Richard Ormesher
Robert Hyden Jr.
Rosa Elena Acevedo
Rosanna Mateo
Rose Ortiz
Ryan Letts
Sean Mikuriya
Shirley Jackson
Samuel Howard
Sandy Bastien
Savannah Opal Hamilton
Shannon Johnson
Sheila Burton
Stacie Noel
Stephanie Mendez
Stephanie Conde
Stephanie Williams
Stephanie Dixon
Stephen Bray
Suanne Loveless
Surys Prado
Sydney Hansen
Sydney Burd
Taijhan Washington
Tonnell Williams
Tyson Jaggar
Tamalon Meeks
Tiara Hicks
Tiffanie Newborn
Timothy Hicks
Triston Davidson
Veronica Ledbetter
Victor Villafane
William Lonergan
Yancy Martinez
Zoel Lamar
Zin Matthews