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About Us

Semper Fi Financial Services LLC was Founded in 2020 by Eugene Oliva,

an Honorably Discharged United States Marine Corps Post-9/11 Service Disabled Veteran.


Semper Fi Financial Services LLC is comprised of Business Professionals

whose focus and drive is to always bring the most innovative, effective and efficient products to

ALL of our clients, while ALWAYS being ethical and moral in ensuring;

Our Clients Best Interest ALWAYS Comes FIRST!


Our diverse group of Professionals with years of experience, expands into different areas within the

Financial Services Industry in Corporate America and/or International Business. They bring the value of their knowledge, experience, resources and network so that we can help as many people with their financial needs, and possible career opportunities; helping individuals, families and businesses alike.


We all work as One Team. Your Team!

We are also highly involved with Veteran Initiatives, especially those that focus on

helping those with disabilities find meaningful employment for them and their spouses.

We are avid Volunteers/Supporters of Organizations such as Autism Speaks, Special Olympics

and St. Jude's Children's Hospital. We have Agent Initiative Programs that provide incentives to our Agents who volunteer their time to support these organizations and others within their local communities which help enhance the lives and be positive role models of those their Missions serve.

We believe in ALWAYS Paying It Forward, and that our Oath to the United States of America did/does not end when our Uniforms come off. We have a responsibility to always help our communities to always continue to improve.

That is the same mindset that we use towards the clients (individuals & families),

businesses and organizations that we Serve.


We look forward to being at your service!


Our name Semper Fi (Always Faithful) Financial Services is an extension of our Founder's passion for Servant Leadership and paying it forward. Now that he's no longer on Active Duty in the United States Marine Corps, his passion has redirected with a purpose of providing education and financial literacy, so that everyone, from individuals, families, members/employees and business (for-profit and non-profits) are properly prepared for their futures and the futures of their loved ones and businesses.

When we first joined the Armed Forces, we took an everlasting Oath to Protect you, your loved ones and your property from all enemies, Foreign and Domestic.


While the "mission" and "battleground" have changed, our Oath remains the same.

Now we help protect your financial needs, as well as those of your families, businesses, in the present and for the future.

Our Mission, Vision & Oath


Provide our clients with the latest most professional efficient, effective and affordable financial services products in order to help them build wealth for themselves, as well as generation wealth in order to leave a legacy.




Always maintain integrity while providing straight forward, honest, time effective and efficient money saving Quality Services to all of our clients, while building long lasting relationships with them.


Always seek out to expand our company in order to provide opportunities to Veterans and People with Disabilities (Veterans & Non-Veterans) and their Caretakers, but also extending these opportunities to non-Veterans that are unemployed and underemployed.


We always seek ways to give back and have an overall positive impact in Our Country and Communities, by donating time, resources and/or services to Non-Profits (501c3) which focus on helping those in need.


To ALWAYS do what is best for the clients, and also take care of our Agents, treating both like we would our own loved ones, NO MATTER WHAT!!!



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